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Song Review: "Something You Can't Live Without"

By Todd Sterling
ReDigi Music Features

On her first single since 2011, Wynonna Judd turns back the clock a few decades. “Something You Can’t Live Without” has shades of the singer’s 1992 smash hit “No One Else On Earth.” Everything from the pulsing production to the melody and the theme is reminiscent of the #1 single (from Judd’s self-titled solo debut). That’s not a criticism, it’s a compliment. It’s been a long time since Judd released a song with this kind of raw emotion.

“Something You Can’t Live Without” – from Judd’s as yet untitled 2013 album – is equal parts rock, country, gospel and R&B. The Kentucky native digs down deep and pulls off an emotionally charged vocal performance that rivals some of her best work. Wy tangles her elastic voice around an arena-sized arrangement that includes chugging electric guitars, steel, fiddle and organ.

The chorus is completely infectious. After only a few spins, listeners will find it nearly impossible to get out of their head.“That’s how it’s supposed to be, like something’s missing/like it’s hard for you to breath, without my kisses, baby/everything you need or ever think about, baby, I was born to be something you can’t live without,” Judd sings.

Falling in love never sounded better than it does when Wynonna Judd is singing about it.