Wynonna (1992)

  • 1

    My Strongest Weakness

    Words and Music by Naomi Judd and Mike Reid

    The keeper of the gates of wisdom
    Please let me in
  • 2

    When I Reach The Place I'm Goin

    Words and Music by Emory Gordy Jr. and Joe Henry

    When I reach the place I'm goin
  • 3

    No One Else On Earth

    Words and Music by Sam Lorber, Stewart Harris and Jill Colucci

  • 4

    It's Never Easy To Say Goodbye

    Words and Music by Bernie Nelson and Allen Shamblin

    Jimmy climbs on board that old yellow bus
    It sure looks big in his little eyes
    His mama waits as her tears kick up the dust
  • 5

    A Little Bit Of Love (Goes A Long Long Way)

    Words and Music by Kostas and Marty Stuart

    Got a wishbone in my pocket and money to burn
    I ain't got no worries ain
  • 6

    All Of That Love From Here

    Words and Music by Lynn Langham Sharon Rose Higgins and Kris Bergsnes

    I can see a cotton field
    An old man working in the mill
    I can see loadin' the trunk of my old blue Oldsmobile
    I see the tears in my mama's eyes
    When she kissed her baby goodbye
    I can still feel all of that love from here


    I can see the cotton sheets
    They're swingin' in the wind, out swingin' in the wind
    I close my eyes and my mind flies
    And I'm right back home again
    I'm right back home and
    I can get lost while I'm chasing my dreams
    I find my way 'cause my heart has wings
    And I can still feel all of that love from here

    I was raised on love's foundation
    The Rock of Ages goes unshaken
    The faith and hope that was given to me is stronger than the blackjack tree
    My mama taught me how to stand alone
    She let me go but she still holds on
    And I can still feel all of that love from here

    (Repeat Chorus)

  • 7

    Live With Jesus

    Words and Music by Paul Kennerley

    Seen a lot of trouble
    At my door
  • 8

    What It Takes

    Words and Music by Brendon Croker

    I wanna walk
    To no particular destination
    I wanna talk
    When I got the inclination
    I wanna move
    When I got the locomotion
  • 9

    She Is His Only Need

    Words and Music by Dave Loggins

    Billy was a small town loner
    Who never did dream
    Of ever leaving southern Arizona
    Or ever hearing wedding bells ring
    He never had a lot of luck with the ladies
    But he sure had a lot of good working skills
    Never cared about climbing any ladder
    He knew the way in a small cafe, found the will

    He met Miss Bonnie
    And a little bit of her was a little too much
    A few movies and a few months latter
    The feeling got strong enough
    They didn
  • 10

    I Saw The Light

    Words and Music by Lisa Angelle and Andrew Gold

    I laid a red rose
    On your front porch
    Wrote I love you
    On a note
    I rang the door bell
    And turned to go
    Baby when the curtains moved
    I couldn