Talk About Love (1993)

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    Talk About Love

    Words and Music by Jack Sundrud and Carl Struck

    Love, talk about love
    Why do you always
    Wanna talk about love?
    Love, talk about love
    Why do you always
    Wanna talk about it?

    I say that love
    Is something you feel
    You know in your heart
    If it's real
    But you've got to analyze
    Organize, synchronize, formalize
    And compromise

    (Repeat Chorus)

    I say love
    It's like when you sing
    You move to the music
    When the words don't mean a thing
    But, know you've got to clarify
    Define it and refine it
    Align and realign it

    (Repeat Chorus)

    You don't have to understand
    Every little thing between
    A woman and a man
    True love
    Comes from deep inside
    Try to use your logic
    And you'll only lose your mind

    (Repeat Chorus)

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    If I Were You

    Words and Music by Harlan Howard, Sonny Throckmorton and Brent Maher

    If I were you I'd think it over
    Take your time before you leave
    Everyone wants the perfect lover
    If I were you I'd fall in love with me

    If I were you I'd just remember
    Don't miss the forest for the trees
    The mighty flame was once an ember
    If I were you I'd fall in love with me

    If I were you I'd whisper sweet, "I love yous!" everyday
    If I were you I'd never ever let me get away

    If I were you I'd look me over
    There's much more than what you see
    I can prove you'll need no other
    If I were you I'd fall in love with me
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    Sleeping Heart

    Words and Music by Don Potter and Kye Fleming

    When I awoke, there you stood beside me
    I wonder now, were you there all the time?
    Like a rose beneath the snow I have been waiting
    And it took your kiss to make me come alive


    Sleeping heart, love is all around you
    Empty arms, what are you waiting for?
    Rub your eyes, your handsome prince has found you
    Sleeping heart, sleep no more

    You don't have to tell me where you come from
    I loved you in my dreams a long, long time
    In my slumber, I kept seeing someone
    And I recognized you when your lips touched mine

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Rub your eyes, your handsome prince has found you
    Sleeping heart, sleep no more

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    Cow Cow Boogie

    Words and Music by Don Raye Gene DePaul and Benny Carter

    Out on the plains down near Santa Fe
    I met a cowboy ridin' the range one day
    And as he jogged along I heard him singin'
    The most peculiar cowboy song
    It was a ditty, he learned in the city
    Comma ti yi yi yeah
    Comma ti yippity yi yeah

    Now get along, get hip little doggies
    Get along, better be on your way
    Get along, get hip little doggies
    He trucked 'em on down that old fairway
    Singin' his Cow Cow Boogie in the strangest way
    Comma ti yi yi yeah
    Comma ti yippity yi yeah


    Now singin' his cowboy songs
    He's just too much
    He's got a knocked out western accent with a dixie touch
    He was raised on local ways
    He's what you call a swingin' half breed
    Singin' his Cow Cow Booogie in the strangest way
    Comma ti yi yi yeah
    Comma ti yippity yi yeah

    (Repeat Chorus)

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    Blue Nun Cafe

    Words and Music by Harlan Howard and Brent Maher

    He's a devil, Mama, he's a lover
    And I know that I should run for cover
    He's a looker and, Mama, he's lookin' at me

    Well, I know he's a real heart breaker
    A great pretender and a real love faker
    But I'm gonna bring him to his knees


    I can read your mind by the words that you don't say
    You think I'm thrown' my young love away
    Well, I was already gone when he called me today
    We're gonna meet at the Blue Nun Cafe

    Well, the lights are low and it's kinda hazy
    The music's loud and it's kinda crazy
    But on Saturday night it's the place to be

    Well, I'll be there and I'll be his baby
    And I'll remember how to be a lady
    So, Mama, don't you worry about me

    (Repeat Chorus)
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    In My Dreams

    In my dreams
    You belong to me
    She doesn't mean a thing
    She never wore your ring
    In my dreams
    My greatest wish comes true
    My arms are holding you
    In my dreams


    I hear your laughter
    And I taste your lips
    I feel you tremble
    At my fingertips
    Each night you're mine
    But each morning finds you gone

    In my dreams
    My soul is wide awake
    Craving the love we make
    In my dreams

    (Repeat Chorus)

    In my dreams
    I'll hide this love I steal
    'Til you feel what my heart feels
    In my dreams

    In my dreams
    In my dreams
    In my dreams

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    The Sweetest Gift

    Words and Music by J.B. Coats

    One day a mother
    Come to a prison
    To see an 'erring
    But precious son
    She told the warden
    How much she loved him
    It did not matter
    What he had done

    She did not bring to him
    (Bring to him)
    Parole or pardon
    (Pardon free)
    She brought no silver
    (Brought no gold)
    No pomp nor style
    (Him to see)
    It was a halo
    (Halo bright)
    Sent down from heaven
    (Heaven's light)
    The sweetest gift
    (A mother's smile)

    Her boy had wandered
    Far from the far side
    Though she had pleaded
    With him each night
    But not a word did
    She ever utter
    That told her heartaches
    Her smile was bright

    (Repeat Chorus)

    She left a smile
    You can remember
    She's gone to heaven
    From heartache's free
    Them bars around you
    Will never change her
    He was her baby
    An error will be

    (Repeat Chorus)

    It was a halo bright
    Sent down from heaven's light
    The sweetest gift
    A mother's smile
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    Words and Music by Jeff H. Bullock and Brent Maher

    I'm gonna pack my bags and drive all night
    I'll be in the mountains by morning light
    Drive the road I traveled years ago
    As a young girl leaving home

    With dreams as big as the trees were tall
    I knew I'd have nothing or I'd have it all
    And you all know what happens when the bright lights call
    You're either gonna make or you're gonna fall
    Make it or you're gonna fall


    I'm a dream chaser, a star gazer that's what I am
    But I've always known I'd come back home when I found my rainbows end
    Rainmakers and heartbreakers could never change my plans
    Dream chaser, that's what I am

    I'm goin' home where the stars shine bright in a mountain sky
    That path above I've followed all of my life
    It's guiding me back to where my dreams began
    Then I'll be gone again
    I'll be gone again

    (Repeat Chorus)

    Dream chaser, that's what I am

  • 9

    Old Pictures

    Words and Music by K.T. Oslin and Jerry Gillespie

    Here's a little girl playin' dress up
    Somewhere under all that lace
    Standin' in her mama's high heeled shoes
    With a lipstick covered face
    And here's a little boy on a pony
    He's a cowboy all the way
    He used to pull my hair and make me mad
    At the Saturday matinee
    Who would've thought that I'd lose my heart
    To the same little boy someday


    Lookin' through my old pictures
    Faded photographs
    Some of them bring me close to tears
    Others make me laugh
    Old memories seem to come alive
    And open up the past again
    And let me dream inside

    Here's brother with his first automobile
    Thought he'd washed the paint away
    He took a job that took him West
    He's doing very well
    We don't see much of brother these days
    And this is my favorite of my papa
    He's dressed up in his Sunday suit
    A wide brimmed hat, a watch on a chain
    Well, I'm gonna tell you the truth
    It's a picture of a downright handsome man
    Caught in the prime of his youth

    (Repeat Chorus)

    They open up the past again and let me dream inside